Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Fiordland Trout Experience

The Pet Soede family decided to have a go at fly fishing, after some casting lessons and practice on the banks of the Waiau we took the jet boat down river to target some wild Fiordland trout.
 Now fly fishing in New Zealand can take you to some of the most beautiful rivers in the world and present the opportunity to sight and cast to some really good sized wild trout.... but in some cases the trout seam to have learned a masters degree in fly fishermen. Here we are looking to imitate a natural insect in gin clear water often, and to fool some of these learned fish can be a real challenge. The challenge can become very addictive and many anglers travel form all places to take on this challenge.

Here we had two days fishing and we began on the Waiau River a large hydro controlled river with good amounts of rainbow and brown trout. The following day we were experiencing high winds from the north west so we sought a river with shelter from the winds. The Hamilton burn is a small river surrounded by willow trees, often proving difficult to get to the river but also contains some nice sized brown trout.

Here you can watch the days unfold...

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