Monday, 29 April 2013

New Zealand blog must see!!!!

Week 17

Well last week granted us some perfect conditions with the river starting at 2'5" on Monday and falling throughout the week. Nearly all the beat was fishing by Wednesday and we expected a good run of fish. However nobody told the fish! Working very hard our rods managed to catch 5 springers and a sea trout, including a 20lber caught by Mr Buckler on Monday from Red Brae. Most fish were caught from spring lies with the exception of Mr Purvis' fish from the Haugh.

There still seams to be a lot of fish holding in the Banchory area so it shouldn't bee too long until we see some fresh runs of fish here. The water temperature is steady at 44 degrees and may take a while to warm if these snow forecasts are correct. I am sure as May creeps up we will see lots of fresh running fish!

                                                   Mr Buckler and his 20lber from Red Brae
                                         Carl Ohlssen's springer from Pol Slachd in early April

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Charlie Keyser's video of his Dinnet experience

Great Video by Charlie Keyser in March 2013! ENJOY


So March has produced some challenging conditions and tough fishing this year but our rods have risen to the challenge and have produced some fabulous fish. Very low and cold water lasted throughout March until the recent flood which was well needed and arrived on April the 14th. Now we are into April the spring run is still a little slow but lower beats are beginning to catch plenty and we are expecting good runs of fish very soon!  Here are a few pictures of the last month!

Brand New Dinnet Fishing Blog

Hello fishing amigos,

My name is Alastair Peake for all those that have not met me yet, I am the new and current Ghillie at Dinnet Estate on the Aberdeenshire River Dee. I have decided to begin a blog on the fishing on The Dinnet Estate for all those enthusiastic fishermen that cannot take their eyes away from fishpal! The main content will be based on Dinnet and Deecastle fishings; I hope to keep all those who may be interested informed on river levels, catches, conditions, lots of fishy pictures, and flies and fly fishing methods and generally all things salmon fishing over here!!

I hope it may offer useful information for those who may be about to embark on a fishing trip on Royal Deeside such as river heights and appropriate lines needed along with successful fly patterns and current conditions.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback as the blog gets up and running as I am always looking for new suggestions.

Wishing you the very best season!!!

Tight Lines

Al the Ghillie