Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How Wolves Change Rivers

A fantastic short film about how the introduction of a single species can have an enormous impact on the ecology and even geography of an area. This case study looks into the reintroduction of wolves into the Yellowstone National Park.  A very interesting story.


Canoe and angler guidance

The Dee District Salmon Fishery Board (Dee DSFB), the Scottish Canoe Association and Aberdeenshire Council have created new guidance for anglers and paddlers while enjoying the River Dee. The aim of the guidance is to provide helpful information for paddlers and anglers so both can enjoy their sport while sharing the river

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Scouting New Rivers

Well as the weather was glorious on my day off I decided to go exploring a new river that I have never fished before. After an hours driving I reached the 4x4 track that runs 10km to the river of choice. The 4x4 track really takes the term to new meanings as I felt that an ATV would maybe even struggle with this route. Nevertheless we struggled on and eventually arrived in a Glen with a beautiful clear stream running through the valley. The valley really had a Scottish feel about it until you open the car door and are alarmed by the deafening chorus of Cicadas, and after stalking down to the river having a double take at the clarity of the water. I didn't know rivers could run so clear!!

After tackling up myself and fishing amigos began to creep up the river bank searching often up to 30 meters ahead as a good sized fish would stand out easily we thought.  The river is very shallow and there is often a slightly deeper channel that runs close to one of the banks. Along these banks anytime we spotted any sort of feature we often found fish. It can be remarkable that just one large rock sitting in a white gravel river bed close to the bank is all a brown trout needs to feel secure, and true enough we were able to sight a few fish and have them look at a fly.

Even though the Cicadas were deafening and buzzing around like suicide bombers the trout didnt seem to have homed in to this protein rich diet yet and many patterns were refused by the somewhat picky trout. Successful patterns were the parachute adams and the humpy in red and yellow.

This was a great day out in a beautiful scenic valley and we were spoilt by the unforgetable dry fly sport. I now look forward to taking clients to this new location, although a long drive we could put together camp out trips, or take a float plane or helicopter to this remote river and share more great days fishing!

I hope you enjoy a few pictures taken from the trip.


Friday, 14 February 2014

Rivers in Spate

I often see fishermen in dispare when rivers are in spate here in New Zealand. Yes sight fishing will not be an option, however as an avid salmon fisherman I really don't mind swinging streamers through pools. To my surprise last time I was caught out on a backcountry fishing trip and the rivers rose considerably I had some great success swinging streamers and it seams that these conditions will sometimes bring out the larger trout to feed.

Please enjoy this short video of a couple of trout I caught in a big dirty river.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fly Fish Fiordland

We have had more back country fly fishing trips out of Fiordland Lodge with some very happy clients sharing a truly great experience. It is a real privilege to be able to host and share trips and memories like these with fellow enthusiastic fly fishers!! From long boat rides and hiking to some really remote rivers to helicopter flights into the heart of the back country we really do have it all here in Fiordland. Not even the wicked sandflys can put us off these fantastic fly fishing rivers.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Classic cowboy guides


More First fish

Another very happy fisherman with his first NZ wild rainbow trout on the fly, taken on a Twilight Beauty.

Another happy client

The dry fly sport is in full swing just now with Cicadas causing a deafening racket, here is another trophy Brown Trout taken on a size 8 green cicada pattern.