Friday, 7 June 2013

Last Week Of May

Beginning the week with 1'1 and 50+ degrees seemed promising and catching a couple of fish on the first morning seemed good. Unlike usual conditions in May this week produced cold windy days and rain on the Monday afternoon put the beat up to 3'1 by Tuesday morning, which wasn't greatly appreciated however the team managed another couple of fish on Tuesday. From here on, the river continued to drop and warm up and by the second half of the week we reached a foot on the gauge and conditions started brightening up. The fishing was tough and the rods fished hard and were rewarded by a couple of fish a day. Most fish were sparkling silver, some were sea liced and a high proportion of catches were from the Deecastle bank this week.  Bruich pool has finally had a fish landed from it and also several lost which is really beginning to fish well! The week resulted in 11 fish and small flies fished well.  I was fortunate enough to get the new Mackenzie G2 15' 10# on loan for a few nights which I must say is a stunning rod to fish with, it's very responsive and has a lovely action, I can see me getting a new rod shortly...

                                             Nigel Lammas releasing a fish in Crawnee
Mackenzie dtx G2

Jane Hill with a well deserved fish from 29

Another on in Bruich shame this one also dropped off