Monday, 27 May 2013

Double figure fish week

Week beginning 20th May 2013 showed promising conditions! The river came up on Sunday and dropped from 3'+ to 2' by Monday morning the river was at 55 degrees a record for the season! We definitely have been seeing more fish on the beat with some residents in Red Brae and occasional running pods of fish although we caught most of this weeks fish from an unusal place. 7 fish out of the total 10 were caught in the Boat Pool right down below the ash tree even at 1' on the gauge.  Fish just seemed to be holding there and most visits to the spot would result in action! Other successful pools included Cobbles, Red Brae and the Haugh. All the fish were very fresh and some sea liced ranging from 8lb to 18lb.  Mainly floating lines proved successful alternatively small flies on fest sinking line also accounted for some.  The fishing is still far from its full potential but our first double figure fish week is a step in the right direction.  A very enjoyable week with great weather and fishers! Once again small flies sizes 10 down and Munro Killers fishing being particularly good this week.
                                                  Ron Irvine's beauty from the Boat Pool
                                                                   Wading deep into a fish
One that got away...

                           Julian Strutt with a cracking sea liced fish from Cobbles in the SNOW in May!!!
Lupins finally beginning to flower